Love it, hate it, or don’t know what it is, live streaming is on the rise and social media marketing gurus are describing it as one of the top trends for 2018. It’s now across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with LinkedIn hopping on the bandwagon and giving some members access to live streaming on their platform too.

Originally published in Get it Magazine

Livestreaming is broadcasting live video content as it happens to your friends, followers, subscribers and online connections. It allows your audience to watch you in real time and comment on the video as you are filming it. They can engage with you, ask questions and receive answers.

It’s relatively simple to use and the way it works varies a little for each platform. (You can Google how it works on each platform if you’re curious.) But, there is a button you press and once you hit it you’re live in all your glory…

No editing, no filters, just you as you are in that moment. Sound scary? It can be, especially if you hit it by accident and have no makeup on. Suddenly, all of your followers get notified that you are live, so, they hop on the video to see you looking like a deer in headlights.

But, you can end the live video just as easily as you started it.

Being prepared to go live is important. You want to make sure you’re presentable, in a location where the internet connection is good and where your followers can easily hear you. Everyone’s attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, so, keep in mind that no one wants to watch a video that keeps dropping in and out due to poor internet connection. Or, one where they can hardly hear because there is so much background noise.

Now you know what live streaming is about, and have a few tips on how to do it yourself, here are our top five ways to use live streaming for your business.

  1. Create personal interaction. One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of live streaming is that it cuts through the BS and lets you see who’s truly behind the brand. The real, raw and authentic people are showcased and it humanises your company. It allows your viewers (and current or potential customers) to see your friendly face, sense of humour and passionate spirit which they can connect with.
  2. Share live events. If you have an event on or are attending one on behalf of your business, share it with your audience. Walk around the event and ask the viewers questions of who or what they want to see. Ensure the event is in line with your brand so you keep it relevant to your audience and keep the footage interesting.
  3. Showcase new products and BTS. Allow your online community to see your new products and services first, even just sneak peeks or behind the scenes of the creation, development or production. This is a great way to build up momentum when launching something new and cool, or, showing your audience how the products they know and love are created. They receive the inside scoop which makes them feel important.
  4. Conduct interviews and Q&A sessions. Interviews can be with people in your team, creators of products you sell or well-known people within your industry. These are designed to be informative and also interactive, so, allow questions from the viewers. Another way to interact is to do a Q&A directly with your viewers. Have them ask you questions and answer them in real time. You can also ask them questions to show your interest; their responses will appear as comments on the video.
  5. Conduct training. No one on social media has ever complained about a brand helping too much or providing too much value. Be the go-to place for information on your field of expertise. If it’s fashion or home wares, discuss trends and how to style certain pieces. If it’s a service, chat about how different things you do help business, or, if you’re an artist or in the beauty industry, you could do real-time art lesson or makeup tutorial.

There are so many options when it comes to live streaming, these are just a few. It’s all about bringing your audience real value in your content and authenticity through your social media marketing. Go live today!

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