Gold Coast social media managers here to make your business roar

Hi! We're Kirstin Cuthbert and Venolin Naidoo – or Kiki and Ven for short. After meeting online, falling in love and realising our shared passion for digital marketing, we launched Social Tiger! We provide Gold Coast social media managers and branding specialists for the local area and beyond.

Our area of expertise is small business – and we’re super passionate about it! Being one ourselves, we understand that small biz owners wear so many hats and need an effective and time-saving solution when it comes to social media.

Social media isn't brain science. And it doesn't have to be painful. It can be fun, exciting and even life-changing, why do you think we'd be so passionate about it otherwise!?




But social media become full of copycats. Everyone is posting the same stuff because most people don't really know what they're doing - it's all a guessing game!

People have forgotten that every business is unique, just like every person. We believe in individuality and we're bringing it back to our client's online presence!

We like to refer to what we do as ‘painting on stripes’, because, like our company mascot the tiger, no two tiger’s stripes are alike – and no two brand’s online presence should be super alike either!

Meet the team

Kirstin Cuthbert


Kirstin Cuthbert

Co-founder & Content Queen

Kiki's background is in Journalism /
Media and Digital Marketing. She has
worked for a large variety of local and
national media companies and the
online platforms that go with them. She
has grown the platforms, increased
revenue and created profitable
communities for them.

With a bright and bubbly personality, she delights in injecting creative flair into all social media accounts.

Venolin Naidoo

Co-Founder & Strategy King

Venolin Naidoo

Co-Founder & Strategy King

Ven's background is in Small Business Ownership and Management. He has run various successful enterprises and has
experienced the whole start up process. With a keen eye for detail, he understands that many different elements need to come together for a business to move from where they are now to where they want to be.

He takes special interest in how businesses can connect better with their current and potential audiences.

What makes us the right people for your business?

If you can answer yes to any of these, you will benefit from our Gold Coast social media managers.
- You copy what other people in your industry post on social media, hoping it works for you
- You post anything on your social media just to get something up there
- Your brand's personality, look and feel is all over the place, or, it doesn't have a specific focus
- Your followers constantly go up and down and you cannot figure out your niche and how to reach them
- You don't understand why people are not inquiring about your services or buying your products through your social media